Some Side Projects

A bunch of projects I plan to work or have worked through whenever I don’t want to do research…(In addition to binge watching YouTube)

Skills practiced

Vim, Python (Pandas, NLTK, Matplotlib, Numpy, etc.) , Linux, C++, Hugo, MarkDown, Networking, Cloud Computing, Machining (Drilling and Milling), etc.

Certificates I collected along the way

If you want to know more about each project ↓

URGENT: can anyone help me make my photo Round??? At least not in the strange shape it is in right now… This project is what you are seeing right now. ฅʕ•̫͡•ʔฅ You can find the source HERE . Hi here, welcome to my personal website! Taken my advisor’s suggestion, I intend to seek for desired post-doc position 1-year early. Don’t worry, it is not now. I am acutally around half year or almost 1 year away from my 1-year early mark.
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In developing an automated workflow on processing and plot data for subgroup meetings. I have a couple of them pushed to my ugly GitHub page. If you are curious, you can take a look at them HERE. I have a couple sample data there, feel free to roast my codes or contribute, if you’d like to spend some time on it. ❤ Below is the image that motivate me to make some auto-plot projects. You can read more from XKCD.
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