Teaching Experiences

Northwestern University (Graduate School)

QuartersCourse CodeCourse Description
2022 WinterCHEM 435/445Advanced Physical and Analytical Chemistry (Energy related topics)
2021 SpringCHEM 210/230Organic Chemistry Laboratory
2021 WinterCHEM 435/445Advanced Physical and Analytical Chemistry (Energy related topics)
2020 FallCHEM 151Accelerated General Chemistry
2020 WinterCHEM 350Advanced Laboratory 2
2019 SummerCHEM 142General Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory
2019 WinterCHEM 182Advanced General Chemistry Laboratory 2
2019 WinterCHEM 350Advanced Laboratory 2
2018 FallCHEM 181Advanced General Chemistry Laboratory 1

University of Minnesota – Twin Cities (Undergraduate School)

SemestersCourse CodeCourse Description
2018 SpringCHEM 1065General Chemistry Laboratory
2017 FallCHEM 1075HGeneral Chemistry Laboratory for students on honor track
2017 SummerCHEM 4711WAdvanced Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory (Electrochemical and magnetic properties)
2017 SpringCHEM 1066General Chemistry Laboratory
2016 FallCHEM 1065General Chemistry Laboratory
2016 SpringCHEM 1062General Chemistry Discussion Group
2016 FallCHEM 1061General Chemistry Discussion Group

CTEC Feedback Selections

  • Dawn was a great TA and thoroughly explained each experiment and characterization technique effectively which helped us have a very firm grasp on our data and its interpretation.

  • Dawn was very helpful and nice. She was well prepared and responsive via email.

  • She was incredibly helpful and responsive and was just an amazing TA.

  • Dawn was an amazing TA. The class was difficult, but Dawn was always there to help.

  • Dawn made the chemistry lab course much more enjoyable and clear than I would have expected. If possible, I would have Dawn for every lab section I am in because she made it really clear on what is important in lab and matched the way I learn from instructors.

  • Dawn is the sweetest girl in the world, the fact that she has an amazing gift for chemistry on top of that is a wonder. She is always kind, and patient with everyone no matter how obvious some questions may be. She is genuine and understanding, yet confident in her abilities. She gets my highest praise, and she deserves a raise regardless of her position. Give her a prize, a gold star, and ice cream cone. Whatever it is, know that Dawn is the real super TA.

  • Dawn is very laid back and reserved, good at her job and very knowledgeable about what was to be done.

  • She was able to help me with all the homework sets and is very patient with explaining concepts that were brushed over during class.

  • The TA for the course was well organized and clearly communicated everything to students.