Some Side Projects

A bunch of projects I plan to work or have worked through whenever I don’t want to do research…(In addition to binge watching YouTube)

Skills practiced

Vim, Python (Pandas, NLTK, Matplotlib, Numpy, etc.) , Linux, C++, Hugo, MarkDown, Networking, Cloud Computing, Machining (Drilling and Milling), etc.

Certificates I collected along the way

If you want to know more about each project ↓

So I started learning boxing since Nov 24th 2021, project still going. Aiming for preparing myself for a fight before graduation and hopefully, if I am sure I am not going to hurt my head and become dumb, I’ll go for the fight. :) Just recording something at the half year mark and encourage myself to continue training.
1 min read
Raspberry Pi Zero W purchased, learning things about Networking, VPN set up, ethical hacking, and waiting for my hardware to start making a Pi Hole and VPN (fingers crossed) Pi-hole set up and running! @202010710 Figure Caption: Ads filter status after the pi-hole was set up overnight
1 min read
Learning ethical hacking basics from the HTB academy. Knowing the basics and can handle some easy boxes. Still need more practice. :)
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