Acknowledgements to all the universes conspired in helping me

To be updated from time to time

Check back later. You may see your name! and maybe some histories (from my perspective)

I cannot have merely professional encounters to be successful in my professional career, therefore, some people listed here might not have helped me with my work related to chemistry, but the emotional support and the nuance help that I received is extremely valuable. Every little bit counts.

Like if I want to cross the desert, I need WATER & food for sure, but I also need encouragement along the way. In this list is my WATER & food, and my encouragements.

[This list will eventually be sorted in another way, but for now, it will be in a random order]

Undergraduate Stage

  • Dr. Camille Malonzo May : my 1st ever mentor : too many to say so a short paragraph or a long list is in preparation
  • Prof. Andreas Stein : 1st ever PI : too many to say so a short paragraph or a long list is in preparation
  • Dr. Emily Pelton : 1st chemistry professor in the US, helped me succeed and adopt to chemistry classes in the US, in addition, I started working as a group leader for two semesters for Emily’s classes
  • Dr. Debra (Janie) Salmon : wonderful lectures; 1st time worked for Janie as a TA for an advanced inorganic lab
  • Prof. Michelle Driessen : wonderful lab course director; worked for Michelle as a TA for many semesters
  • Prof. Connie Lu : wonderful inorganic professor; Thank Connie for helping me succeed on inorganic class and helped me to acquire experience as a inorganic TA; also helped me during grad school applications
  • Prof. Aaron Massari : wonderful physical chemical professor; thank all the discussions we had related to the class and related to grad school applications
  • Prof. John Ellis : wonderful organometallic professor sparked my interest to chemistry once more with his spectacular demos and sense of humor in addition to his knowledge on chemical reactions (I cannot forget seeing him actively operating glovebox in the lab and I would like to be someone like that when I have my own lab)
  • Prof. Lee Penn : although we never encounter each other officially, thank Prof. Penn for delivering the lecture on microscopy (used a popcorn as an example) thank Prof. Penn for coordinating the ACS travel grant
  • Prof. Weiyan Chen : wonderful math professor, helped my have a better understanding in group theory from the math aspects (finished a LaTex report about Galois Theory)
  • Dr. Yan Wang my 1st every lab TA, also introduced the concept Metal-organic framework (a type of material I then worked with for 6 years until now) to me and helped me with finding my 1st lab
  • Dr. Siyao He : awesome graduate student in the Stein group and helped my fit in the lab, obtained useful discussions on my studies, also being a wonderful friend of life
  • Yali Zhang : awesome roommate I had and being very supportive. Thank yali for many conversations over studies and life.
  • Yukun Cheng : wonderful classmates and friend, helping me understand organometallic subjects
  • Jon Schltz : excellent lab-mate in our inorganic lab, great friend from undergraduate to graduate study, helped me process my statements during graduate school application and also helped me review my documents for other applications in grad school. (A short paragraph or a long list is in queue)
  • Richard McClellan : Great friend and mentor

Graduate School Stage

Things are changing so quickly so this list will be constantly updating and modifying

  • Prof. Joseph T. Hupp : to be added
  • Prof. Chung-wei Kung : great conversation during lunch regarding the life in the group and doing reearch on electrochemistry
  • Dr. Goswami : helped me get use to the group and in transitioning to graduate studies, demonstrated how to conduct experiments, write manuscripts, process data, and so on. My 2nd mentor.
  • Dr. Mansu Kim : My 3rd mentor, details to be added.
  • Dr. Xuan Zhang : useful conversations in measuring and solving single crystal structures of MOFs
  • Dr. Jon Schltz : great support and motivator, helped me with electrochemistry demo and reviewed my documents
  • Dr. Hyunho Noh : useful conversations about experiments and group business
  • Prof. Ken-ichi Otake : sparked my interest in crystallography
  • Dr. Rebecca Palmer : strong support in the group and motivated me to train for my 1st ever 5K run, in addition, we had many great discussions on research and graduate life, too
  • Yuexing Cui : helped me merge into the Hupp group and get used to the life in Evanston
  • Dr. Cornelius Audu : great office-mate and helped me merge into the group
  • Dr. Zhanyong Li : thank Dr. Li for the help showing me the lab and introduce the group to me during my application process, also helped me to merge into the group during summer
  • Dr. Yang Ying : thank Ying for introducing the lab to me through email and have useful conversations during the summer and provided additional help during the later stage, too
  • Dr. Aaron Peters : for helping me with my safety training in the Hupp group during the summer
  • Dr. Cassandra Buru : for helping me with the safety walk through during the summer, insightful conversations during graduate school, and memorable bar times
  • Dr. Yijing Chen : wonderful neighbor and great friend, thank you for introducing me to our group member and helped me fit in the group in addition to being a sweet friend all along
  • Shaanti Mary : great friend during the summer 2018
  • Abby (Noel) Rosenzweig helped me transition in the group, filed paper works, obtained necessary materials to start a new life in Evanston and Ryan Hall, also, introduced 2 cute cats to me as wonderful accompany during holidays
  • Dr. Elsa Alvaro : provided useful tools in literature searching
  • Dr. Christos D. Malliakas : Diffraction knowledge and invaluable instrumental help and data processing techniques
  • Charlotte Stern : Crystallography education and training with countless insightful discussion
  • Tirzah Abbott : Scanning electron miscroscopy training and useful discussion in multiple sample processing and EM analysis techniques
  • Dr. Xiaobing Hu : Transmission electron miscroscopy training and countless help during sessions
  • JD. Kate Eidem : Inspiring friend, had and will have many great conversations
  • Rev. Tae Hwang : Boxing coach
  • Ted Quiballo : worked together on 3D printing project
  • Prof. Pravas Deria

Postdoc period

  • Dr. Filip Leonarski
  • Dr. Rasmus Ischebeck
  • Dr. Meitian Wang
  • Dr. Zarina Turtayeva