• STEM outreach at the Bloc - 2022
    • Teaching middle schoolers how to make robots and potentially develop future modules
  • Expand Your Horizen (EYH) - 2022
    • Technical support on Zoom, ensuring people are in the correct room and resolve any technical issues
  • Science In The Classroom (SITC) In Person Workshops - 2021-2022
  • Science In The Classroom (SITC) IMSERC Tour Video - 2021
  • District 65 Books & Breakfast - 2020 - 2021
    • Weekly tutor session with middle school kids
  • Electrochemistry Demo Video - 2021
    • Explained concepts related to electrochemistry and demonstrate the construction of a concentration cell (a specific type of Galvanic cell)
  • Science In The Classroom (SITC) - 2021
    • Perform demo experiments and interact with young children with the facilitation of their teacher
  • Expand Your Horizen (EYH) - 2021
    • Social Media assistant helping to capture highlight moments throughout the event and a track of workshops
  • Expand Your Horizen (EYH) - 2020
    • Workshop leader assistant facilitating the demonstration of pH indicator in our daily life
  • Minnesota Science Museum - 2014-2016
    • Activity leader facilitating various demo experimetns and intereact with young children to learn different scientific concepts including biology, chemistry, engineering, physics, and so on.

Participated Studies

  • Kellogg Behavior Study - Pricing strategy
  • Neuroscience Study - Visual differece between the left and the right eye
  • Neuroscience Study - Nap
  • Neuroscience Study - Sleep
  • Technology Study - Touch the texture
  • Physical strength study - daily routine and exercise records


This year we have 176 Northwestern students as tutors - the most we have ever had! Some are part of our paid tutor team,...

Posted by Books & Breakfast on Wednesday, April 14, 2021